• Murder in the light of the cards

    Steve (17) is going to stay with his mother. Their relationship has been difficult since she left the family three years ago for Henk, a wealthy businessman. Steve expects a boring, quiet holiday in Turnhout. But it turns out very differently ...

    When he has to pick up his stepsister Mora at the museum after a weaving workshop, he finds the girl has disappeared. More than that, she never appeared to have attended the course. But how come Steve found a charm from her bracelet by the entrance? His mother won’t take the disappearance seriously. Mora often runs away from home to teach her stepmother a lesson. Henk is temporarily not informed, because he is busy with his exhibition of antique playing cards. A burglary at the museum keeps him fully occupied.

    But Steve finds another charm. In the fist of a murdered man! Then the housekeeper gets a phone call: Henk has to pay a ransom or else ...

    Would you like to know how the story continues? Make sure you read the book 'Murder in the light of the cards' by Hilde E. Gerard. Her detective story is set in Turnhout. The Turnhout author has previously written two other thrillers for 12 years and over. These books are 'Murder of a painting' and 'Murder with perfume'.

    Practical information

    Murder in the light of the cards is for young people aged 12 and over. It is for sale (in Flemish) at Toerisme & UiT for 16.50 euros. An exciting quest is also linked to ‘Murder in the light of the cards'. You can find more information here.

  • Under the spell of the Giants

    The book 'Under the spell of the Giants' is illustrated with photographs from the past and present and presents the history of the Flemish giants and the life story of the Turnhout giants.

    Practical information

    You can buy the book 'Under the spell of the Giants' (in Flemish) at Tourism & UiT for 12 euros.

  • The decanal St. Peter's Church of Turnhout

    Are you interested in the history of St. Peter's Church? Or rather are you curious about the story behind the many rich works of art in the church? The book ‘The decanal St. Peter's Church of Turnhout’ answers all your questions.

    Practical information

    You can buy the book for 6.20 euros at Toerisme & UiT.