De Warande Cultural Centre

de Warande

Culture enthusiasts know exactly where to go in Turnhout. In the former garden of the castle is one of the largest cultural houses in Flanders, de Warande. During its earlier days it was a peaceful haven in the city, today it is a breeding ground for culture.

The beginning

In the early 1950s, the city council negotiated the purchase of the land in the city centre. The solemn inauguration finally took place in 1972. Since then, de Warande has grown into a multifunctional cultural house. Now adults, young people, children and even schools come here if they want to be moved by culture. MOOOV Film Festival, (comic) Strip Turnhout, Ar-Tur Architects Association and Kunst in Zicht (art in sight) also all reside in de Warande.

The renovation

In 2005 de Warande opened a new room, the Kuub, which excels in its design. That gave a taste for more. In 2012, de Warande launched a completely renovated cultural complex. The upgrade is impressive: a new central hall, a new café, a new Tuinzaal (garden room), a new exhibition space and a brand new underground reception hall. As the icing on the cake, the new theatre opened its doors in September 2018.

Café Barzoen

There’s always something to do at the Barzoen eatery. Getting together, having a meeting, a rendezvous, a night out, with good food... It is all possible. Culture is tasting and meeting. All café Barzoen events can be followed on their Facebook page.

For contact details, the menu and reservations you can visit the website.