City farm

City farm

The Stadsboerderij/City farm is a fascinating new destination for excursions for school groups. A place where a link is created between the city and the countryside. Attention is also paid to the evolution of agricultural life in the Kempen. Several partners have a permanent home in the Stadsboerderij.

Teaching suitcases

School visits are linked to the teaching suitcases. There is an educational suitcase for pre-school children and one for primary school pupils. Toddlers are introduced to the farm animals in a fun way and learn about sheep and their wool, the fruit trees and their blossoms, and the bees and their honey. Also, the primary school suitcase is offered during a fascinating half-day visit to the farm. Price: 2.50 euros per student

The suitcases are designed so that teachers or other supervisors can also use them themselves, independently. The rent of the suitcase costs 7.50 euros.

Information & contact

More information about the Stadsboerderij can be found on their website.

You can contact them via or +32 (0)484 16 01 22.