Walk and picnic in the Turnhout Wetlands

Walk and picnic in the Turnhout Wetlands.

Walking to your hearts’ delight? You won’t be disappointed in the Turnhout Wetlands area. Stroll through 200 hectares of heather, meres and meadows. This unique nature reserve is home to rare plants and animals. Look at the splendour of the sundew and turn your ears to the chirping curlew.

Don’t know where to start? First pay a visit to the Klein Engelandhoeve visitors centre. You will find useful maps with walking routes.

Would you like to have a picnic while on the road? Then take a pack with delicious products and get a map with four walking circuits included. Pick up your knapsack at the visitor centre and choose from one of the many picnic areas. How about a bench in the play forest? While you catch your breath, your kids can wreak havoc among the trees.

How does it work?

Reserve your picnic pack of local goodies two days in advance at the Klein Engelandhoeve. This can be done via bc.kleinengeland@turnhout.be. On the day itself you pick up your pack at the spot. For adults you pay 12.50 euros and for children 9.50 euros per pack.