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Spooreinde Park

Spooreinde park

Spooreinde Park is a temporary park in the Turnhout station area. The former industrial grounds are being transformed into a new urban area with space for (care) living, working and commercial functions. The park is part of the structural plan of NV SLIM Turnhout. This unique project aims to create a caring living environment for residents through social innovation. In addition, technological innovation is also important. The construction of 'Niefhout' has already been realised on NV SLIM Turnhout's first site. Here, the first heating network was installed in the Kempen. There are advantages not only on an ecological but also on an economic level. In anticipation of further development, the rest of the site has been transformed into a green park with space for sports and games.

The residents were involved several times in the design and layout of the park. This now offers space for a football field, a basketball court, petanque fields and benches. In the summer, the park is also the location of Panorama Zomerbar (a summer bar). Newer still is the exercise garden where you can freely move in the open air.