‘Murder in the light of the cards' quest

‘Murder in the light of the cards’ is staged in Turnhout. During your quest through the city you follow the main character Steve. The quest consists of two parts: a historical search and an exciting detective story. 

The historical quest takes you through all the fascinating spots in the city. During the course of about two hours you will learn more about the history of Turnhout. You also have to do some work: at each location you are presented with different questions. One question somewhat more difficult than the other.

Hilde E. Gerard also wrote an exciting detective story especially for the trip. In it, you are the detective in search of the culprit. The story takes place in all the locations you visit in the historical quest. In this way you get to know Turnhout in a very different way.

Practical information

The quest can be obtained at Toerisme & UiT and costs 5 euros per person. The story is based on the detective novel ‘Moord bij kaartlicht’ / ‘Murder in the light of the cards' by Hilde E. Gerard and focuses on young people from the age of 12 years old.