By car


Are there persons with reduced mobility in your company? Is it too wet or chilly to ride on the bike? Then a car route in the Kempen is a perfect alternative. In just a few hours you can visit many attractions.

Route of the Abbeys (105 km)

Ten centuries old and still fascinating: the Kempen abbeys. The Norbertines of Tongerlo, Postel and Averbode left their mark on the life and landscape of the Kempen. After a tumultuous history - which also involved a closure during the French Revolution - today they form an oasis of peace and reflection.

Follow the blue-white Abdijenroute (Abbeys route) signs and discover their inspiring history and remarkable heritage. Look inside the museums or visitor centres, take a tour with a guide, walk along the intersections around the estate and indulge in the taste of all the abbeys’ delights on an outdoor terrace.

The Abdijenroute / Abbeys route can be obtained free of charge at Toerisme & UiT.