Beer tasting route

Beer tasting route

Love to savour a tasty local beer? Then you are at the right location in Turnhout. With beers from the Het Nest, Corsendonk and Gageleer Breweries supplemented with toppers from the region, there is something for every beer lover. Combine this with an authentic card game and you are all for the beer route experience.

During this 'pub crawl' you have the choice of different cafes. You determine the route and the order of the cafés you visit yourself.

How does it work?

At Toerisme & UiT you can buy a brochure for ten euros with three coupons. With these coupons you get to choose, from the participating cafés, three where you want to enjoy a tasty beer and play a game of cards. Non-beer lovers are welcome to use the vouchers for a non-alcoholic drink. The opening hours are in the brochure and the card game with the accompanying rules is waiting for you in the participating cafes. Some games are only suitable for four people.

Are you in a group of eight or more? If you book at least a week in advance at Tourism & UiT, we will accommodate the numbers. You can do this by telephone, e-mail or personally at the desk.