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In the city

  • Finding your way in Turnhout

    Wegwijs door TurnhoutThanks to the new signpost it is impossible to lose your way in Turnhout. This combination of a city plan with a walk will take you past the most important sights in the city. You have the option to take a 4 km walk or extend it to a of 7.7 km walk. The walk also shows you a number of views you don’t want to miss.

    A plus point about the signpost is that it can also be used to explore the city with the tourist signage. At the main places of interest is an information panel that gives you more information. Looking for more? Then scan the QR code with your smartphone and read the whole story of the Turnhout trump cards.

  • Care for the sick and needy in Turnhout

    Zorg voor de ziekenWhat do leeches have to do with Turnhout? Or do you know who the ‘kruidenbroederke’ is? No? Not to worry! You discover it during the care walk. 

    Turnhout, which historically already occupied the role of a central city, has already organised shelter and care for the sick and needy from the Kempen during the Middle Ages. Important developments, innovations and inventions are rooted here and were realised by doctors and other health professionals who lived and worked here. During the walk you will meet these pioneers and learn about their achievements. Walk past the different locations and try to sketch them in the spirit of the times.

    The city walk 'Care for the sick and needy in Turnhout' can be bought for 3 euros at Toerisme & UiT.

  • Turnhout through Dutch eyes

    You may or may not know it, but there are many Dutch traces in Turnhout. Up until 1794, Turnhout was one of the cities of Brabant. During this walk, follow in the footsteps of the (Orange-)Nassau family as gentlemen and women of Turnhout, the many Dutch beguines who lived here, sculptors and writers... You will be amazed by the Dutch influences the capital of the Kempen still carries today.

    The city walk 'Turnhout through Dutch eyes' can be bought for 5 euros at Toerisme & UiT.